Case Management

The I-TRAIN has been enhanced to address the tasks of providing for common intake and case management of clients. I-TRAIN's ability to communicate across a wide region has necessitated a commonality in the data being transmitted. In the past, as clients were referred from one agency to ]another, the case management data required re-entry from one location to another. I-TRAIN has eliminated this duplication by providing a method for distributing common case management software across a Wide Area Network. Case Management software resides on a dedicated and secure SQL server that is accessed via the I-TRAIN regional network. As a client moves from one office to another their case is available on-line, in real-time. There is no waiting for the mail, no descrepancies in the data collected, and no confusion as to what, why, and where certain data is. All job training service providers using I-TRAIN use the same software, the same data, same forms, and all have instantaneous access to cases.

In addition to supporting it own Case Management Interface, I-TRAIN interfaces and communicates with most case management software currently on the market. Convenient 'buttons' allow course data to be stored to either 'flat' files or SQL data bases.

Job training service providers interested in more information on the connectivity and interfacing capabilities of I-TRAIN should feel free to contact James Nyman, President of California Municipal Technologies, Inc. (CMTI)(310) 970-7700 or on the Web -


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