Public Training Vendor Directory (PTVD)

The PTVD is much the same as the RTVD for the post-secondary Public Schools, Vocational, Universities, State Colleges, Community Colleges, and Adult Schools, etc. The PTVD allows the Public Schools (with proper authorization and security) to enter their graduation and placement statistics directly into I-TRAIN.

The PTVD affords Internet users an opportunity to look at publicly funded programs, which may offer more program depth, advanced degrees, or certification.

Course Directory

To view the detail of any listed course, simply place the cursor on the desired course title and click. The system responds with one easy-to-read screen, which offers much of the data necessary to determine if the course for the client is approved and suitable. Data available from the Course Directory includes:
  • Vendor ID
  • Vendor City
  • Program codes
  • Title of the course
  • Provider number
  • PAN eligibility
  • Target Occupation
  • Target Industry
  • SIC Code, and any additional DOT Codes
  • Target Client Group (dislocated worker, JTPA, PAN, etc.)
  • Post Program Licensing
  • Number of course hours, and number of weeks of instruction
  • Cost of the program
  • Open entry available
  • Any Web links for this course
  • Is the course approved by the Network
  • Is the course approved for VCF Procurement
  • Availability of placement services, if so under what timeframe
  • Minimum wage and maximum wage for graduates
  • Past placement history, and period used for history
  • Who, where, and when was the last update

The function button located on the bottom of the Course Description Screen is reserved for authorized vendors to enter and update graduation information, i.e. date of next graduating class, number of graduates and training received. This feature allows potential employers to access a pool of trained workers.


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