Regional Training Vendor Directory (RTVD)

The RTVD provides job training service delivery providers with an electronic directory of qualified approved training vendors throughout the Southern California region. The system contains a searchable database of more than 400 vendors offering over 1,500 approved courses.

The opening screen of I-TRAIN allows access to the RTVD, the Public Training Vendor Directory (PTVD), the Course Directories, DOT Codes, the Directory of Programs, Password Maintenance for remote site I-TRAIN Administrators, Vendor Maintenance for remote entry and editing of Vendor information, and Vendor Password Maintenance so that vendors may edit specific information on their courses.

The opening screen is an alphabetical list of all approved vendors. Data available from this screen includes:

  • Site and mailing addresses
  • PAN eligibility (WIA Aerospace Network)
  • Contact name, phone number and FAX number
  • Accessibility to Disabled/Handicapped persons
  • Accessibility by Public Transportation
  • Availability of parking
  • Placement available
  • Web Links
  • Accreditation
  • Availability of Financial Aid
  • Availability of Career Assessment and Counseling
  • Availability of Child Care
  • Availability of Basic Education
  • Organization status of the school (Privately held, corporation, partnership)
  • Size of business
  • Placement record
  • When file last updated, date and by whom

The RTVD allows caseworkers to view approved vendor training courses on one scrollable screen. They can query the data by Vendor Name, Courses, Occupation Code or Location. The advantage of being able to retrieve data on all local offerings for Courses on Carpentry is obvious. Not so obvious is the time savings gained through the reliability of the data, the increased number of Vendors, and the Consumer Report Card. Job training service providers will no longer be required to verify data independent of each other, one agency updating the record provides current information for all network users.


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