Regional Workforce Development Network

  • Common systems
  • Common data
  • Common service providers
  • Common clients
  • Common vendors

Helpful yes, but not without a common distribution method. The I-TRAIN provides a common, reliable, instantaneous, user-friendly method for distributing data across a wide area. I-TRAIN is part of a Frame Relay Network (FRN) that stretches from Sacramento, to the San Francisco Bay Area, to Los Angeles and San Diego. Depending on agency need, job training service providers can either participate as a partner on the FRN, or via a dial-up modem connection, or a secured Internet connection. Regardless of how an agency connects, the services and functions remain the same and are delivered in a Windows 95/98 environment.

As an agency member of the Workforce Development Network (WDN) users receive a network e-mail address, another invaluable 21st Century tool. The e-mail account allows RWDN users to communicate with other network members.

The RWDN is more than a computer network, it is a network of local industry and employers. One of the functions of being a business partner in the RWDN is to provide expertise from their perspective on the development of the training vendor application and approval process. The business partners, through monthly meetings, also provide expert input on application development, evaluation and validation of the network's on-going efforts.


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